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May 20 2018



consent doesn’t only apply to sexual touching.

you’re allowed to tell people not to hug you, not to hold your hand, not to kiss your cheek, not to play with your hair, not to put their hands on you in any way without your permission. you’re allowed to be uncomfortable with these kinds of touching, to tell people that, and to have those boundaries respected. just because a touch isn’t sexual doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have a problem with it.

you’re allowed to create boundaries about what happens with your body and what other people do with it, regardless of those people’s motivations or their relationship to you. it isn’t only sexual touching people need your consent for and it isn’t only sexual touching that you’re allowed to revoke your consent for. people should not be touching you when you don’t want them to no matter what kind of touching it is.

for all the people who claim they can’t teach their kids consent because “they’re too young to talk about sex”

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Cookie in a milk cup.




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If anyone asks what chaotic neutral is, show them this.


Avoid video games that use extrinsic motivation. A video game should at least mostly rely on intrinsic motivation, meaning that the playing of the game itself is the fun part, not the reward you get for playing the game. If you don’t enjoy the gameplay, but you want to earn lootboxes, you’ve fallen into the intentionally exploitative system operating within so many games nowadays, and you need to find another game, because you’re not having fun.

It doesn’t sound serious, but this kind of thing can make depression way worse if you’ve already got depression.

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Bad idea for a Romantic Comedy
The Chief of Police is married to a Mob Boss, and they have to keep “just failing” to catch each other. When one of them hits the other in a shootout, it’s followed with “Oh I’m never going to hear the end of this…”

“So how was your day at work?”

We clearly have different definitions of bad.

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from my twitter https://twitter.com/grapholect

Same with exercise. Most studies define “exercise” as physical activity that isn’t part of your job.


May 18 2018




so i saw some people discussing how loki in ragnarok shouldn’t have been at all phased or subverted by dr. strange – which i agree with, but also, hey, it’s comedic and you can argue that he was taken off-guard, but upon re-watch, something stuck out to me –

there’s this moment when they appear at the bottom of the stairs and thor rolls down the last couple and stands up and he says

we could’ve just walked.

and it made me think of how magic works in terry pratchett’s novels, how (to paraphrase) the hard part wasn’t turning someone into a frog, it was not turning someone into a frog when you knew how easy it was.

like, the whole scene with dr. strange is just. all magic. all pointless magic. unnecessary magic, when, well. they could have just walked.

whereas loki doesn’t really rely on magic overmuch in the movie – he uses it as a tool, when he needs it, but if the job can be done with plain old non-magical trickery or a knife, he just uses those. he resorts to magic when he’s cornered by valkyrie, he uses it when his goals are most directly accomplished by using magic rather than by other means.

whereas dr. strange is using magic all over his scene, just to use it. just because he can. magic was unnecessary for ninety percent of what he did in that scene, the only time he needed magic was to whisk them away to norway. but he teleported all over the place even when he only needed to move a few feet, gave thor an ever-refilling beer that just spilled everywhere, floated around to make a show of how ~magical~ he was, when…

he could have just walked.

i mean, i’m very sure that the filmmakers intended it for comedic effect, but there’s also a layer there of dr. strange being much less comfortable with magic than loki is – loki doesn’t need to bust out the magic at every opportunity, it’s simply a skill, a tool that is completely under his control and at his disposal. whereas dr. strange (at least in his scene in ragnarok) is showing off, which reeks of insecurity.

i guess i’m thinking… if you take the magic away, loki is still a deadly, formidable opponent with many tricks up his sleeve, but dr. strange is just a guy in a cape.

this is good and true because in the comics loki and dr strange got in a fight in a parking lot and then both of them had their magic taken away so loki just punched stephen through a wall and called it a gay ass day

in fairness most days for Loki are gay ass days regardless of how many wizards he punches



i get why caesar is confident that the legion will take over hoover dam and new vegas. he has the numbers and loyalty/fear from his troops and the fact that he lost last time was kind of a fluke. however, he failed to take one thing into consideration: i hate him. i have the ability to run into his shitty hell fort and kill everyone with a chainsaw because i control the main character of the game, and i will in fact do that because i hate him. 




Really Bad ADHD Thing: Not knowing how to give directions to your own fucking house when someone’s driving you home from an unfamiliar location because you weren’t paying attention on the car ride there.

Me: Uhh, here’s my address so you can put it into the GPS.

Them: You live like ten minutes away, man. Just give me directions.





i think. ok. like. john mulaney and the mcelroys aren’t actually that funny in terms of their improv/the quality of their jokes. there are people with much better written comedy sets and funnier improv, but the way that they deliver what they say it what makes it good. they could read the back of a shampoo bottle and you’d feel like you just heard a joke

this is part of the reason john mulaney gifs aren’t nearly as funny as videos of him. you cant explain why his horse in a hospital bit is funny unless you’ve actually heard him say “IT’S A ĤĤORSE. IN A H́OSPITAL”

This is a good example of people who ARE funny versus a joke being funny. a totally unfunny person can tell an actually funny joke and get a chuckle but a funny person could tell a bad joke and bust someone’s gut. It’s all about confidence and delivery and John and the McElroy’s have that shit down pat.

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Batman: Gotham Adventures #14

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FOURTEEN!!! Years old!!! And 17years!!! He’s 31 and missed ALL HIS 20s He can NEVER get those back.

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“and the universe said…”

i love so much when people forget that this is the end sequence for minecraft



Me: I wonder what the English name for this Greek fish is, let me just consult Google real quick



Me: What



Me: Um



Me: Stop saying boops boops



Me: Oh my god



Me: Please stop




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This may be some of the best excel sourced humor.

This is 10000% more in character than every moment of the Dark Knight franchise.

i can’t believe bruce breaks text into two rows rather than using the “wrap text” feature

tim cleans this up for him later

May 17 2018





















(note: I have no romantic or sexualized experience myself, so I admit *some* of these points rely entirely on secondhand stuff and media)

One thing I think is not talked about very much is that straight men live pretty much desexualized lives if we’re not actually having sex at that moment, and then there’s not much room to be the object rather than subject.

As I’ve said before, we men don’t have clothing options for “dressing sexy” in masculine clothing (there is cross dressing but that is different). There’s no male equivalent to the short skirt or low cut top. There’s no male lingerie that isn’t seen as a joke.

Further, we just don’t get validation for our sexuality outside of a sexual partner. We are almost never complimented for our looks or sexiness from platonic friends like women are, especially same sex friends.

There really aren’t many straight male role models for raw aesthetic sexiness in mainstream culture (besides unnaturally muscled men). In fiction, male characters are almost never attractive for embodying sexiness but rather for doing things (saving the world, being extremely witty, being a genius, winning the tournament, etc.). Their sexiness is non-aesthetic and sometimes is in spite of their aesthetics.

Anecdotally, it seems like a lot of men aren’t even called physically hot and sexy by their own sexual partners, who themselves focus on personality. There’s not much room to fulfill the role of passive sexism object for you partner for many/most men.

I think it is telling that a lot of porn for men ignores the man’s personality and has a woman just throwing themselves at the man, overcome with lust.

Also there the fact that women seem to rarely approach men and some seem to often expect the man to do most of the sexual escalation, especially in the early stages.

We talk about women of color or women who are disabled being sexualized, but we don’t talk about how all straight men are desexualized and denied the ability to be sexualized object.

oh my god… that’s why they send dick pics

“witness me!”

There are occasional reddit threads about things like this: “guys who send unsolicited dick pics, why do you do it?”

The answer always seems to be some combination of slot machine mentality (“maybe this one will like it, and make the other 50 worthwhile”) and a desire for witness. Surprising numbers of people admit that it’s validation even if the reaction is negative, simply because they’re still being viewed in a totally sexual context.

At the very least that has obvious consequences for people trying to reduce dick pic sending. There’s some core of people who can’t possibly be reached with “it’s not attractive to women” because that was never their expectation.

More broadly, I think efforts to get (Western?) men to emphasize with objectification wildly underestimate the challenge they’re facing. It’s not just a sympathy shortage, it’s a totally unfamiliar feeling. Making things even harder, it’s a feeling a lot of men say they wish they could have.

The usual narrative on not (politely) complimenting the appearance of unknown women is “sure, it’s nice if it happens once, but think about how annoyed you’d be if it happened all the time”. Fine in general terms, but I think a lot of men don’t have any way to intuit the emotional difference between too-frequent compliments and being pestered with too much of something totally innocuous like requests for the date.

The comments on those articles are frequently from men saying they’ve literally never received a single compliment from a stranger on their appearance, and can’t imagine what it would be like. The ones who have are often talking about a single, years-old compliment they still cherish. That’s not a framework that supports more than a purely theoretical understanding of what’s it’s like to be valued for your appearance too heavily - or at all.

Obviously that’s not universal, any more than all women are catcalled, but it seems like a really serious communication failure to appeal to a sense of objectification that much of your audience has literally never felt, and desperately wants.

Reblogged because thefutureoneandall describes exactly why I have trouble empathizing with feminism columnists.

Can confirm, I’d take literally any compliment on anything at this point, and would cherish it.

one day we gotta get all the men and all the women to sit down together and hash this stuff out between them, how hard can it be.

This discussion kind of reminds me of a story that made the rounds about a year ago, where a woman, after having gotten a bit tired with dick pics, decided to try to get her “revenge” of sorts, by sending unsolicited vagina pics to 40 random men:


Let’s be honest: while I enjoy penises, I don’t necessarily want unexpected visual boners intruding on my day. I wondered, “What would guys do if I turned the tables and sent them an unexpected vagina pic?” And so, in my own twist on revenge porn, I sent 40 unexpected vagina pics to men on Bumble.

This … didn’t work out the way she apparently expected it to:

Overall, I was surprised that I didn’t get my, “Gotcha!” moment. I’d initially hoped the guys would see how invasive it is to receive such intimate photos from a stranger. When I’m excited to get to know a guy, his penis isn’t the first part of him that I want to know. But given that men like to send dick pics, I suppose their enthusiasm for v-pics makes sense.

So, basically, women experience dick picks as a net negative, as an intimacy violation, while men experience v-pics as a huge positive, as validation and an indicator of interest.

This seems consistent with the above discussion, where it’s a pretty common male experience to basically never receive any sexual attention ever and thus respond really strongly positively to whatever scraps come their way (or to start trolling for attention - with the point of some of these dick pics apparently being to get any attention at all, no matter how hostile), while a common female experience seems to be more like being flooded with unwanted sexual attention and wanting a way to make it stop -

resulting in an absolutely massive inferential gap - with the result that if you’re on one side of the gap and try to describe your feelings and experiences to the people on the other side, whatever words you have will just fall on deaf ears because the feeling and experiences you describe are … not just unfamiliar, but outright alien, to the ones on the other side.

This alienness is … mutual.

For men, it feels like no men are sexy to women.

For women, it feels like all women are sexy to men.

It’s like one person dying of dehydration watching another one drown.

It’s like one person dying of dehydration watching another one drown.

the conversation has gotten longer, so i’m reblogging

… This is so cool. It actually makes sense.

but of course women are wary of just giving men compliments, because attention-starved men are likely to take it as a come-on. what a dilemma.

So what I’m getting from this…
Is that my idea of taking popular types of fiction and essentially ‘flipping the script’ so that there are sexy male characters as ‘damsel in distress’ types would actually be very good and help a lot of people become comfortable with their sexuality?

it could well! i’m not the guy to answer this really, i’m queer and also i’ve always been pretty comfortable with being the one giving the compliments (and just asking for validation when i need it). but i do think there’s a place in the world for fiction where The Sexy One is male.

consider chris hemsworth in ghostbusters. that one’s a bit mean-spirited, with him being hilariously clueless, but you’ve got that dynamic where what he contributes is, he’s hot. that’s it. and i found it kind of a breath of fresh air, not because it was a fuck-you to sexist tropes, but because it’s never, ever enough for a guy to be attractive, but here it was, and that was fun to see.

i once thoughtlessly complimented a guy on his jacket, because he and his friend rounded the corner and suddenly i was confronted with an extremely handsome young man in a very fashionable black leather jacket, and i blurted out ‘whoah, nice jacket, you’re looking good!’ and the look on his face was just this explosion of surprise and delight– he actually kind of missed a step. the next minute i was like shit shit SHIT what if things get weird JEEZ but he and his friend were already walking past, and his friend just started laughing. kind of this ‘whoah, cool, what the hell’ laugh, and when i glanced back they’d both kind of lit up and were elbowing each other as they walked away. i was extremely relieved to have like dodged a bullet of ‘if you let a man know you are attracted to them at close range GOD KNOWS WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN BUT IT’S GONNA BE OBNOXIOUS PROBABLY’ and then also pleased that i’d made that guy’s day. but also like. i guess now i’m realizing i probably made that guy’s decade… 

i wish it was more common to compliment people– especially guys– in a casual way. but when you live as a woman you can spend a lot more time dodging men’s attention rather than soliciting it… 

maybe male poledancing is like, the next big fad to cash in on? guys can enjoy getting hit on and girls can enjoy there being a specific space for that, that they, the girls, can leave afterwards. 

I’d honestly never considered this before; it makes a lot of sense. *internally recalculates a bunch of stuff*

Actually this is why I started complimenting guys more out in public than girls. The girls always seemed spooked and the compliments unwanted. But the guys? They’re entire body lights up! They smile brighter, stand up straighter and just glow.

Tell a guy he looks good. Most are too shocked to make any creepy advances and 99% of the ones I’ve talked to always seem happier afterwards.

Super interesting read and a topic that should be discussed, but as a queer man I see this from an outside perspective. I believe this phenomenon is a result of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. This burden shouldn’t be placed on women to change, it should be for the men to change this culture. Once men are comfortable enough with male sexual objectification in media, and once men are comfortable enough complimenting other men on their physical appearance (just like females do to each other), eventually women (and men) may feel safe enough to compliment unknown men in public. It would be interesting to know the differences in countries where toxic masculinity doesn’t have as much of a stronghold.

That analogy of a person dying of dehydration watching another drown…like fuck. The idea that men crave the very sort of attention women have come to dread is mind boggling. Just once, I’d like to be able to put on my makeup or dress provacatively without the assumption being that I do it to titilate men rather than feel confident in my own skin. I wonder if roles were reversed and men had always been the overtly sexualized ones would people feel the same way about this sort of attention?

As a kid, I was always told to “treat others as you wish to be treated.” Most people probably hear some version of this, but not necessarily in so many words. Maybe as a kid you called someone names, so your parents sat you down to tell you that it was wrong by saying “what would you think if someone called you names?”. Nobody ever tells their kids that, when it comes to sex, that whole dynamic goes out the window.

When women get upset at the stuff that guys do, especially very young guys, it’s usually shocking to them. “Why didn’t she like that? I’d love it if someone did that for me.” And as guys continue trying to get girls to like them, they keep fucking up. Some guys learn from their mistakes and change their behavior. Others build up a resentment towards women for rejecting what they believe are perfectly reasonable advances.

The “Chad/Incel” dichotomy is just a hugely distorted representation of this crucial point of development that some people don’t pass.

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windows 10 is garbage so every time i boot up the computer i have to run command prompt and enter

net.exe stop “Windows Search”

so that the shitty goddamned search/cortana feature that i never fucking use stops running in the background taking up all my fucking disk space



what the fuck is that seriously what the fuck is making my computer be a fucking piece of shit

@baristaboy try this out dude


y’all didn’t even add a tutorial of how to do this so imma put one right here

1. type in cmd.exe into your windows search and right click on Command Promt search result and select “Run as Administator”.
2. Type/Copypase in  net.exe stop “Windows Search” and make sure Windows Search is in quotations. It should then respond saying “The Windows Search service is stopping” and then tell you it’s stopped.

This is only a temp fix though, if you want it switched off permanently then do THIS:

1.  Press the Windows key + R at the same time and type in services.msc.
2.  Scroll until you find Windows Search and double click it to enter its Properties window.
3.  Change the Startup type to Disabled. Apply this change and you can exit out.


Reblog to save a fucking life, FUCK CORTANA.

@yallmst see if this helps the emulator run better today babe

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